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Air show at Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia Beach, VA

I figured I would go and photograph the air show this weekend. So, Sunday I headed out to see what I could get, even though it was cloudy. I heard Saturday was better, but I couldn't make it that day. I almost didn't go because it looked like rain, and it actually did rain the whole trip there.

Once there, the rain let up enough that I felt safe being outside with my camera. That was one of the reasons that I didn't actually go on the base, because I wanted to be close to my truck in case it rained again. I found a spot near the Northern end of the runway to set up, and this is what I got...

(More can be seen at my website... www.ryanclarkphoto.com)
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I get this question often: "what happens if my files (photos) get deleted, or my computer dies?" My answer to that very perplexing question is this... You don't possess a file unless you have it in two completely separate places. What I mean by this is simple.. have your files, no matter what they are on, put them on a separate external hard drive and not just in one place, like your computer!
That is the biggest mistake that anyone can make in this digital age. It isn't like film where you can tangibly go grab it and make a photo from it. Once the file is lost and unrecoverable, that's it!
So please, back up any important files or photos that you wish to cherish into the future.
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Baily's Beads
The Solar Prominences emanating out of the right hand side of the sun as bright red flames are known as Baily's beads. They were photographed at the exact moment of the diamond ring effect.
Photo taken August 21st, 2017, Santee, SC.
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