Client Galleries

This page is for clients to preview and download their photos online privately.  The galleries are password protected for them or whomever they choose to share the password with.  The galleries will remain online for approximately 60 days after posting.

The photos have a like button, so Newlyweds, family and friends can keep track of the photos they like the best.  They also have a comment button and a sharing button for multi-media sharing like Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media preferred .  In order to activate this feature, one must know the password given to the Newlyweds and then a short login is required.  Please follow the link below to activate your favorites and to make comments on your photos for the Bride and Groom to see.

Please click this link to share, comment, and download your favorite photos…

*Note that the online versions are a lower resolution than the disc that will be given to the client.  The disc of images would be used for printing large prints, while the online versions would be used for small prints, emailing and/or sharing on social media.